Digital Storytelling Analysis of Portakal Bahçem

Portakal Bahçem is an e-trade website in Turkey which is only focus on citrus and related food products. In 2019, the website has been awarded by being “public’ s choice” in food and beverage categories. Therefore Portakal Bahçem is chosen to be analyzed in terms of its digital storytelling application in the website. In the following parts, each digital storytelling elements have been evaluated for Portakal Bahçem.

   1. Name of the story / e-trade website

In general speaking, the word “garden” has positive impact on people, touches their emotions and gains their love. “Orange” is also determined as being in positive category. Portakal Bahçem tries to create belonging by using the expression “my garden”. Company is trying to give the message of shopping at consumers’ own orange garden.

   2. Message, the story / e-trade website

At the home page of Portakal Bahçem website, the message; “Welcome to the orange gardens of Finike, where the world’s most delicious oranges grow.” welcomes the consumers. This is a warm welcoming message that touches the emotions. During the website’s analysis, it is observed that the way products are presented is all in line with this warm message.

   3. Entrance of the story / Home page of the e-trade website

Home page of Portakal Bahçem website is live and warm, enhanced with colorful images and sincere messages.

   4. Journey that the e-trade website promises to consumers

E-trade websites need to present a journey to consumers while they are looking for a product. Through this aspect, Portakal Bahçem is found easier than many e-trade websites with its steps. Besides, by the support of successfully constructed stream that is enriched with a story, consumers connected to the story that the e-trade company tells easier.

So the journey that the website presents to consumers has to be designed carefully (easy and clear) and smoothly. Journey has to be supported by the storytelling for consumers to enjoy spending time in the website and have a satisfied user experience.

   5. Conflicts / Contradictions / Analysis in the e-trade website

As mentioned in the above sections, Portakal Bahçem offers organic and healthy products by moving consumers away from the noise and chaos of the city. Portakal Bahçem makes consumers feel fresh and feel the nature. Therefore, it can be stated that Portakal Bahçem solves the conflict.

   6. Archetype of the character / e-trade website

As Ballester & Sabiote (2016) mentioned, the use of archetypes in brand story helps to connect with others (e.g., consumers), and present products and brands, in a meaningful way. Since archetypes are forms or images of a collective nature that represent a typical human experience, define the personality of a brand, and give a voice to express the story to the consumers, e-trade websites should also benefit from the advantages of archetypes to generate the impact on consumers and to make the core message, mission of the brand or company pass to the consumers easier.

Portakal Bahçem that underlines providing fresh, healthy and organic products for the consumers can be determined as “caregiver”, which has the key attributes of altruistic, selfless, nurturing, compassionate, empathetic, supportive and generous (Jung, 1959). Caregiver attitude is embedded to the whole story of Portakal Bahçem.

   7. Place / Atmosphere of the e-trade website

Portakal Bahçem is successful with creating an atmosphere for the consumers and touching their emotions. Portakal Bahçem is able to give the warm feeling of “garden, fresh fruits, and nature”.

   8. Narration / The narrative language of the e-trade website

When Portakal Bahçem websites is analyzed; it is observed that the first-person singular and plural expressions, adjectives and phrases are used in Portakal Bahçem when explaining the products. This narrative language builds a closer bond between the consumer and the website.

The Narrative Language that is used at Portakal Bahçem

   9. “Feature + Benefit + Meaning” analysis of the products in the e-trade website

The products at Portakal Bahçem have features, benefits and meanings with the support of storytelling.

   10. Persuasion capability of the e-trade website

As mentioned while defining the elements, generating persuasion in consumers’ mind is one of the important roles of digital storytelling which helps consumers with their decision making process while buying a product.

When consumers’ comments for Portakal Bahçem are analyzed during the research, it is found that consumers are satisfied and convinced with Portakal Bahçem’s presentation of the products.

   11. Recall level of the e-trade website

When brand awareness increases, retention of a brand in consumers’ mind also increases. Stories can be helpful to increase the brand awareness, which also has a positive impact on the recall level of the e-trade website.

Through this aspect, when consumers’ comments in the same research are analyzed, it is noticed that Portakal Bahçem’s stance is found catchy and impressive.

   12. Reality of the e-trade website

Having a real story is one of the most important elements at storytelling, stories should not be taken into consideration as fiction. Stories have to reflect realities. During the same research, Portakal Bahçem is found more real than many other e-trade websites for consumers.

Summary of Portakal Bahçem Storytelling Analysis:

The average score of Portakal Bahçem in digital storytelling analysis is 8.5 out of 10. As can be seen from the score, the elements of digital storytelling have been applied very successfully on the Portakal Bahçem website. As long as the company continues to keep these elements on its website, it will continue to achieve successful business results.


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